(バン), "Baa-n (めーン)"



Race Worldwalker
Birthplace A Worldwalker colony
Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Voice Actor
Professional Status
Profession Shapeshifter, Kidnapper
Partner Kyaro. Natamaru
Base of Operations Planet #2783 of #45
Personal Status
Family Kyaro (adopted kidnapped son)
Combat Rankings
First Appearance
Movie Debut  
Transformations Shapeshifting abilities
Basic Skills Palm Energy Infusion Explosion, Eighteen Arms of Ban, Afterimage,
Ultimate Skills Fifty-Two Arms of Ban, Bunkai

Ban (バン, Han), was born on a small Worldwalker colony several billion years ago. He lived with his mother, father and sister for hundreds of years after "The Great Walk" apart of the Fourth Generation, his parents being apart of the Third Generation. His family died along with his home-planet.


  • Palm Energy Infusion Explosion – Ban places his palm on the opponent, infusing red ki into them through his palm by having it cover their body as an aura, then he releases and the ki explodes, injuring his foe.
  • Eighteen Arms of Ban - Ban shouts "Armed Ban - Eighteen Arm of Ban" and runs at his current top speed and performs eighteen consecutive punches, kicks, elbows or knees to deal massive amounts of damage, the amount of attacks depends on what he says before "Armed Ban" if it was "Four Armed Ban" it would do 72 attacks, "Six Armed Ban" would do 108 attacks, "Eight Armed Ban" would do 144, "Ten Armed Ban" is so far the limit that Ban will do, so he doesn't disrespect his target with a short fight, it does 1800 attacks.
  • Fifty-Two Arms of Ban - Like his other attack Eighteen Arms of Ban, He shouts "Armed Ban - Fifty-Two Arms of Ban" and runs at maximum speed destroying  the ground he was standing on and performs Fifty-Two highspeed nonstop attacks. It has multipliers like "Four Armed Ban" would be 208 attacks, "Six Armed Ban" would be 312, "Eight Armed Ban" would be 416 and "Ten Armed Ban" would be 5200.
  • Afterimage – Ban moves so quickly that he leaves an image of himself behind. It is used to dodge an incoming attack.
  • Bunkai - Ban has the ability to fade backward while he is breaking into cubes, very similar to the Instant Transmission, only he does not leave all at once. This ability actually pulls him through more portals, it only looks like cubes.