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English Death Bomb
Kanji デス爆弾
Technique Statistics
Type Ki Sphere
Color      ,      ,      
Inventor Frost
Used By Arctic

The Desubakudan (デス爆弾, Death Bomb) technique is a signature move of Arctic, taught to him by his father Frost.

Overview Edit

By focusing one's ki into a spherical shape in front of them, one can form this technique. The user can control the intensity of the blast to their exact liking. While not as strong as its Death Ball and Supernova variants normally, it serves a blast that can cause powerful and devastating explosions. It can be fired in beam or spherical form as well. It can also be combined with the ice elemental nature to cause various freezing effects. This attack can be further empowered by divine ki to make it surpass its normal guidelines.

Trivia Edit

  • This was named in the typical "death" naming convention of Frieza's attacks: this attack can kill if used on weaker opponents.