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Divine Invocation
Divine Invocation
English Divine Invocation
Kanji 天の念誦
Technique Statistics
Type Magic
Inventor Peppa
Used By Peppa

Divine Invocation (天の念誦, Amenonenju) is a Magic technique first developed by Peppa, and then used by Negi. Essentially, it allows interaction between the Mortal World and the Other World, including Gods, by forming a gateway between both worlds. The gateway can be established through a ritual, which is akin to an invitation to speak to the deity. It is known that the location of the ritual seal and the opening for which they may cross through, can be in two completely different places. While first thought of by Peppa, The First Vagabond, Peppa became the first to speak to deities. This was later taught to Jeora, but he failed tremendously. Negi, hearing of the technique in the Book of Gods, begged Jeora to teach him the technique. While he could not master the technique as well (speaking with them), he could properly create the ritual seal, which attracts the attention of Gods.