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The Dragon Ball Rebirth Wiki, founded in May 2015 by User:EmperorSigma and co-founder User:Narianos, is a wiki of fan-invention based in the Dragon Ball universe. Here, we allow users to create their own fan fiction stories, characters, techniques, etc., as well as allowing them to collaborate together in what is known as a roleplay; where fan fiction writers can write stories together, pit characters against each other in fights, and even do comedy skits. Users are also encouraged to get to know each other, make friends, and communicate with each other via the Message Walls provided by Wikia to promote a friendly writing environment, as well as allowing them to collect feedback for their works.

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Nagi (ナギ, Nagi) is a male Saiyan born on Planet Xeleri in the Fifth Dimension. Born to be a warrior and a powerful one at that, Nagi is destined to attain great power. Born the most recent in the line of the Legendary Super Saiyans that appear once every a thousand years, Nagi is being trained by a powerful Saiyan who wishes to overthrow the Saiyan monarchy and take Planet Xeleri as Planet Saiyan, leading to a new king with a trusted council to keep him in check. Nagi would adopt these beliefs as well. This in turn makes Nagi antagonistic to Prince Xeleri, however, his role as a villain or evil is not truly there, he simply seeks what he believes to be the best for the Saiyans. More fitting would be to call the two rivals, with Nagi hiding his respect for the prince under mockery and sarcasm from his once harsh views of the prince.
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