Dragon Ball Super: Hollow Soul, otherwise known as Hollow Soul is a spinoff fanfiction series written by various writers of the wiki, but ran by User:Narianos, based off of the original Dragon Ball Super series written by Akira Toriyama. The series focuses on the ever growing conflicts between Universes Six and Seven. Though Champa and Beerus have come to a mutual understanding, with the latter sending food from Universe Seven's Earth to the former, there is still much conflict with the races of each universe. With the Saiyans of Universe Six waging war against Universe Six's Namekians after the latter attempted to wish for the demise of the former's race, the two races clashed in a climactic and deadly battle. Though the Saiyans were initially pushed back, their overall strength and combat prowess forced the Namekians to retreat. Fearing that they would be chased by the Saiyans, they left Universe Six for the next universe. Having stopped on an empty planet far on the edge of Universe Seven, the Namekians began to train, gathering the strength needed for a decisive counterattack that would leave the Saiyans destroyed. During their training, a faint warmth of energy alerted them to the presence of incredibly powerful individuals deep within the universe. This was their next stop.

Meanwhile, on Earth, an outlaw found himself on the run after a theft gone wrong, Escaping from the police, he found himself inside of a cave. This cave held many mysterious objects within it, but there was a certain object that caught his eye; A priceless looking gem that seemed to glow with a mixture of black and blue colors. As he grabbed the gem, it began to glow extremely bright. The glow engulfed the entire planet itself. The Z Warriors, who have spent their entire life protecting the planet, found themselves significantly weakened. Unable to form ki they found themselves wondering what caused this sudden loss of power. During this time, they'll find themselves walking in the shoes of the people they protect, learning new values in the true importance of life.

Story ArcsEdit

Powerless Protectors SagaEdit

A Sudden Realization; What it Means to Be Human As the warriors who defend the Earth lose their powers, an unknown individual begins attacking Nikki Town. Namuca, who tried everything she could to stop the individual, was brutally beaten by the enemy. Before the figure could attack Elery and Mizuna, Whis intercepted them and sent them back to a safe place, while the unknown individual destroys Nikki Town.

Namekian Arrival SagaEdit

-More Arcs to Come.