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Eight Fist Stages
Eight Fist Stages
English Eight Stages
Kanji 八拳固域
Technique Statistics
Type Fighting
Inventor Gohan
Used By Izaya

Eight Fist Stages (八拳固域, Hachigenko Ita, Lit. "Eight Stages of God") is a fighting technique invented by Gohan himself. Although, because Gohan found himself busy with life he was unable to master the technique, leaving it to Izaya to master. This technique increases the users strength and speed, by pushing the eight ki barricades past their limits. The Eight Fist Stages is Izaya's signature technique and he has practiced it ever since he was a young child, making him a master of the technique.

Overview Edit

Since he practiced the technique since he was a mere child, Izaya surprised his master, Gohan who'd told him the technique would possibly never be master as it was incomplete. Gohan stated that the technique is easily the most powerful technique in creation giving the user power equal to that of a Super Saiyan at just the third stage. He has went to further explain that Kaio-ken doesn't even compare to the power of this technique, as this technique takes the user's potential and unlocks said potential.

When utilizing this technique, the user can be shown with a light green aura that gets denser with each stage the user enters.

Stages Of The Eight Fists Edit

1. Stage of Opening: is the first of the eight stages. To initiate this stage the user balls their fists up.

2. Stage of Forming:

3. Stage of Acceleration:

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