"Behind an action is a thousand consequences."

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In a wasteland besides the mountains, there stood two people: A little boy and an Android. They both stood away from each other with a considerable number of distance between the two. The boy would be stretching his body, while the Android would stand still in one spot.

"Alright, Accel. Let's test out that new upgrade you got installed in ya, or we could test all of the upgrades you've been giving yourself." Dexter called out to the android whose name was Accel from far away as he was stretching, getting ready for a good fight, or rather, a spar.

Accel in the other hand, was just standing there, waiting for Dexter to finish doing his stretches. "Ready when you are." he said with his arm crossed, as Dexter was stretching for quite a while now.

Dexter finally finished doing his stretches, having cracked every bone in his body, in a good way since he claimed that he hasn't been training for 3 days straight and believes that his body has become "rusty". "Alright, here I come." Dex said with a smile, then his face would change to a more serious expression as he started charging at Accel, jumping up into the air and launching himself towards the android, with his left leg making its way to make contact with Accel's face.

"Initializing. Combat Mode: Defensive Drive." These words would be said out loud inside of Accel's mind, the command transferring to his entire body, in order to act defensively. His eye was scanning Dex as the lad was flying towards him, similar to that of a Saiyan's Scouter except Accel's eyes both scans power levels and movement, as well as the ability to search for a countering move. He would duck from Dex's kick, then grabbing his foot and pushed it up, causing the boy to fall back.