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Race Human
Birthplace South City
Birthday February 12th
Age 37
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Weight 110
Voice Actor
English TBA
Japanese TBA
Professional Status
Profession Scientist/Astronaut
Base of Operations Mishima Zaibatsu
Personal Status
Family Mr. and Mrs. Kazama (Parents)

Takebu (Husband)
Seika (Son)
Arisa (Adoptive Daughter)
Emiri (Adoptive Daughter)

Marital Status Married
Combat Rankings
Classification CEO and founder of Mishima Zaibatsu
First Appearance
Series Debut A Warm Welcome
Basic Skills Ki Sense
Ki Blast
Ultimate Skills Kamehameha

Jun (風間 準, Kazama Jun), is current CEO and Founder of the world renowned Mishima Zaibatsu, a large multinational financial group that centers itself around the studies of life beyond the stars. From one of her many travels to the outside worlds, the woman would come across and later befriend a saiyan refugee. Intrigued by his similar appearance to that of humankind, she offered the man to join her on earth while conducting several analysis on his unique physiology. Sometime later, the two would spark in a connection that extended beyond comprehension, finding a love with one another that eventually gave birth to a child. By now, Jun finds herself happily married and retired, hoping in the near future she could pass of her legacy to her son.