"Your training isn't over when your body gives up. It is over when your mind gives up!" - Vegeta

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Race Makaioshin
Age Ageless
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 148 lbs.
Voice Actor
English Micah Solusod
Japanese Kōki Uchiyama
Professional Status
Base of Operations Demon Realm
Personal Status
Family Demigra(Distant Ancestor)
Marital Status Single
Combat Rankings
Classification Makaioshin
First Appearance
Transformations Villainous Mode
Basic Skills Flight
Ki Blast
Dark Magic
Rage Saucer
Bloody Sauce
Darknes Mixer
Ultimate Skills Energy Jet
Baked Sphere
Karashi's Curse


Karashi looks unlike many creatures. Not because of his ash gray skin, or his eyes but because he has pitch black spikes protruding from multiple areas on his body. He has long black hair spiked up and he wears maroon and dark gray clothes with boots that look similar to Vegeta's and dark gray wrist bands.


Karashi is a Makaioshin, essentially the opposite of a Kaioshin so while they protect and create, Karashi harms and destroys. He is ruthless and selfish in nature and he does not care about his distant ancestor. He often manipulates people to get what he wants and his ultimate goal is to rule over the universe and maybe even all of the universes.


Not much is known about Karashi. It is known that he was informed on Demigra's death and he knew about the Supreme Kai of Time having something to do with it but since he is usually in the demon realm, not many people know about him although he is a Makaioshin.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Karashi is a prodigy, some may say that he is almost as strong as the demon god himself though all who say that are under his rule so it's unsure if that is the case. Many, many years ago Demigra attempted possessing Karashi but it backfired giving him the abilities of a Villainous Mode fighter, while retaining his control. Karashi was able to fight his way to the top of the ranks, becoming a Makaioshin which is highly unconventional but rumor has it Karashi made a bet that if he won he'd become a ruler of the demons and if he lost he would be banished from the realm. Despite him winning honorably if he lost he could have taken control over his opponent, essentially changing bodies with them though his opponent wouldn't get his body.