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Keikei Hoshihou
Piercing Star Cannon
English Piercing Star Cannon
Kanji 炯炯星砲
Technique Statistics
Type Focused Ki Blast
Inventor Suuteeki
Used By Suuteeki

Keikei Hoshihou is a powerful, signature Ki blast technique created by Suuteeki.


Inspired by the neverending pulses that emit from the star of her home galaxy, Suuteeki began the process of creating a powerful ki blast meant to mimic the majestic glow of the Pulsar's radioactive beams. By focusing her ki in a large ball, she condenses it, increasing its density greatly. Once at the size of a pea, she releases it. The instant release of all that condensed energy releases a beam so powerful, it splits into a cross twice just to vent off the excess energy, and actually turns the air around the crossed points to shards of glass. The beam, when making contact with an object or person, goes through it without any resistance due to both its speed and incredible density. Above this, it's highly radioactive, fueled by Suuteeki's equally radioactive Ki.