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Nova Flash
English Nova Flash
Technique Statistics
Type Energy wave
Color       &       &      
Inventor Horen Soryuu
Used By Horen Soryuu
 Now Horen's signature attack, Horen created a beam like technique after studying the Nova Star. It is charged somewhat like it, and the Kamehameha but when fired it is orange, yellow, and white replicating the color of flames. This technique is made of Ki and Fire giving it the ability to melt and go right through certain materials while lighting others a blaze. Since he hasn't used this in the fight with Negi. That he had not yet mastered or maybe even created this technique yet as if he had it would be devastating. Unlike his other fire techniques, this has a lot more Ki put into it than the others do making this basically a Kamehameha wave with the added heat of a lightning bolt which is 30,000 Kelvins or 53,540 degrees Fahrenheit.