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Old Kai's Unlock Ability
Rō Kaiōshin no Senzai Nōryoku Kaihō
Alternate names Elder Kai's Unlock Ability
Latent Power Fully Unleashed
Mystic Power
Old Kai's ritual
Releasing Untapped Potential
Ultimate Power
Potential Unleashed
Unlock Potential
Debut Manga: "Deep Trouble!!"
Anime: "Unlucky Break"
Inventor Old Witch
Users Old Kai/Future Old Kai
Old Witch
Class Power Up
Similar Ultra Divine Water
Unlock Potential

Old Kai's Unlock Ability (老界王神の潜在能力開放) is the name given to the power Old Kai uses to fully unlock someones potential. It was named in the Budokai video game series.



Out of gratitude for being freed from the legendary Z Sword, Old Kai explained that he would release all of Gohan's dormant power. After 25 hours straight of the Old Kai walking around Gohan performing a sacred ritual and then sitting in front of him to unlock his potential, Gohan finally tested out his new power by powering up like for the Super Saiyan transformation at Old Kai's suggestion. Doing so, only Gohan's eyes change to take on a sharper shape while he otherwise remains normal. Old Kai explains that Gohan's new normal levels of power have become so high that didn't need to transform. A short time later, Gohan is transported to Earth for a rematch with Majin Buu (wearing his father's signature gi, courtesy of Kibito's Magic Materialization) who had now transformed into Super Buu.