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"Gathered, refined, shaped, compressed, and released. A fine technique capable of finishing off any opponent."
— Whis in "A Namekian Arc".

English Light Bringer
Kanji 壊滅剣
Technique Statistics
Type Energy Ball / Energy Sphere
Inventor Toneri
Used By Castiton

Reihikari (壊滅剣, "Light Bringer") is a energy blast or energy sphere technique created by Toneri. This is Toneri's first created offensive technique used in most, if not all of his battles. It is also seemingly used by his family as well.

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Originally, the Reihikari is formed in the palm of one hand, by focusing and compressing one's ki into their palm. It would then appear as a sphere that can only be used at melee range. After further development, and various views of the Kamehameha, Toneri has changed its formation. Cupping his hands, Toneri forms ki into both of his palms where it then grows uncontrollably larger. Using his own force to hold it down, Toneri compresses the ki making it smaller, similar to a Kamehameha, the unleashes the furious wave of energy towards the target.

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  • Standing Reihikari: This variations involves Toneri using the Reihikari without the need of taking a specific stance. Rather than taking a stance, Toneri quickly fires the attack while standing straight up.
  • Family Reihikari: During the battle against the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, the Saiyan launches two ki spheres at the temple. Castitas takes care of one of the spheres by launching it back at him. While Toneri had found himself countering it. After his own Reihikari stood no chance against it, Yukio steps in to help hold it off with him, revealing she could also use the technique. After Toneri state he need just a little more, Toten, his son, steps in and launches a Reihikari of his own.[1]

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