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"Your training isn't over when your body gives up. It is over when your mind gives up!" - Vegeta

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Race Arcosian
Birthplace Unknown Planet
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height 4'6"
Weight 116lbs.
Voice Actor
English Linda Young
Professional Status
Profession Councilwoman and Assassin
Base of Operations Unknown Planet
Personal Status
Combat Rankings
Classification Assassin
First Appearance
Transformations Transforming Ability
Basic Skills Death Beam
Barrage Death Beam
Death Ball
Psycho Blast
Imprisonment Ball
Psycho Bomb
Ultimate Skills Supernova
Planet Breaker

"My name is Sanow, and I'm a member of the Arcosian Council. But don't mistake my council status as a sign that I'm weak."

Sanow is an Arcosian and a member of the Arcosian Council, a committee of high ranking Arcosians that oversee the business ventures the planet undertakes. She is among the higher ranking members of the council, giving her proposals more weight. She wishes to broker a deal with the Saiyans to help improve their technology and provide other means of aid to the planet.


Sanow bears a lot of similarities to a specific individual from Universe Seven. Consisting of a short form, she has been considered fairly endowed. With a feminine body all around, she is considered one of the more attractive members of her species. She wears a set of armor with purple and gold accents overall.


Sanow can be a shrewd individual at times, especially when making deals with other planets. As one of the leading members of the Arcosian Council, she must show that she can keep a stoic demeanor even under pressuring situations. At the same time, Sanow is a very noble individual, showing noble mannerisms to those she's aligned with. She keeps the interests of her fellow council members at heart, listening to their concerns and ideals.


Sanow was raised with a specific mindset; She was noble down to her very core, and that she'd be the one to bring her race to the status of noble. All her life, she was raised with that mindset, being her race's saviour from poverty and bottom feeding. She learned all the stops of the art of the deal, taking tips from different dealbrokers across the entire universe. From there, she formed the Arcosian Council, a council of Arcosians with likeminded ideals of her own. With their skills in negotiations, they managed to build bonds with their neighboring planets. Having formed alliances with plenty of noble planets, Sanow finally raised the Arcosians to the status of noble race. But she knew this would have its own set of pitfalls, such as enemies potentially reaching out to try and break the noble race status. As such, she began training herself, awakening her latent abilities of transformation throughout her training.

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