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"Is he going to do it? He's really going to do it!? The Murderous Takkeizō!"
— Cala in "A Villain Appears!"

English Crucifix
Kanji 磔刑像
Technique Statistics
Type Energy Wave
Inventor Mayek Vagabonds
Used By Negi

Takkeizō (磔刑像, Crucifix) is an energy wave technique first created by the mayek vagabonds who raised Negi. He was later taught the technique and it now remains his most used attack.


Originally created by the peaceful vagabonds of Planet Mayek, they were still targeted by many. After Negi places his two index fingers together in the form of a cross, a large beam of ki is shot forward, being pink in color. The technique is really only used for paralyzing opponents since the vagabonds had no intentions of hurting others. Negi has altered it's effects so that over time, the opponent's ki is drained and the opponent's body becomes weaker to the point of exhaustion.


  • Murderous Takkeizō: After being consumed with rage, Negi fires Takkeizō and the energy wave completely obliterates anything it touches. He first used the technique to seemingly disintegrate Leech after he nearly destroyed Fuyōdō and hurt Cala.