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"In battle I hold these things to be true. Be swift like the wind, adapt like water, be strong like the earth, be fierce like fire, and strike like lightning. You must be unconquerable."

Race Namekian
Birthplace Namek
Birthday November 2
Age 21
Height 6'2"
Weight 199 lbs
Voice Actor
English Jensen Ackles
Japanese Hideo Ishikawa
Professional Status
Profession Guardian of the Namekians
Personal Status
Family Fiddle (Cousin)
Marital Status Single
Combat Rankings
Rank Leader
Classification Super Namek
First Appearance
Series Debut Rebellious Saga: Unwanted Changes
Transformations Great Namek
Armored Namek
Basic Skills Antenna Beam
Mystic Attack
Ultimate Skills Hellzone Grenade

Yussebo (ゅっせぼ, Yussebo) is a Namekian of the famous planet Namek. He is the current leader of the Namekian race, and is a young, ambitious leader. Wanting to prove the power of the Namekian race, he strive to bring about hybridization of the Warrior and Dragon clans of the Namekians for great fighting power and magical ability.

Yussebo is strict with the laws of Namek and enforces them with his great might. While he is willing to compromise when lesser laws are broken to put the criminal on the right path, the breaking of major laws often will result in the criminal being absorbed by the mighty leader after being slaughtered. Despite his harshness, Yussebo appears to be a fairly popular leader among his own species and is well respected by other species' leaders, and is further well known for the great power that he wields.


Yussebo is a fairly tall Namekian, although Yussebo says he is still growing. His skin is a bluish-green color, and has yellow pad-like features with red outlining on his shoulders, biceps, and forearms. He has pointed ears and eyes with just a pupil, having no other visual structure. Unlike most Namekians, Yussebo has four antenna instead of the standard two. Yussebo has a highly muscular frame, and combined with his massive power level, it makes him quite intimidating. As it varies in depiction, Yussebo has five nailed fingers, and the nails are pointed. Yussebo wears a simple purple obi and has a blue sash to die it together.



Born on the famous Planet Namek, Yussebo was destined for greatness. Yussebo was the third child to a Namekian village leader and was the grandson of the Namekian leader. Yussebo quickly proved to have the greatest potential of his brothers and soon rose to becoming the strongest of his village and relished combat, proving to be a Warrior-type Namekian. His eldest brother was a warrior as well while the middle brother was more a magic user and thus, a Dragon-clan Namekian. During training with his brothers, testing his might against the warrior and his wits against the dragon, a group of space pirates landed on the planet and attacked the village to find the Dragon Balls. During the attack, Yussebo's brothers were struck down by the enemies' assault. Distraught by their fatal wounds, Yussebo grew great anger towards the attackers. His two brothers offered a solution to their oncoming deaths, for Yussebo to fuse with them so that their spirit and consciousness would carry on in Yussebo. Yussebo refused at first, as such an act was looked down upon and considered forbidden, but eventually accepted as to serve his people justice. With the might of his brothers in him, Yussebo became a Super Namek and struck the invaders base quickly, savagely killing them off. Yussebo's father, distraught by his sons deaths, stepped down as village leader and left the role to his remaining son in Yussebo. Yussebo would accept this position as a stepping stone for his new goal, to lead the Namekians into a new age.

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Techniques and AbilitiesEdit

  • Antenna Beam: With this technique, Yussebo charges ki into his antenna which converts into electrical energy. Yussebo can then fire the energy out as a bolt of lightning to shock and stun his opponent. The longer the charges it the higher the voltage is, and has been able to cause pain the Nagi, the Legendary Super Saiyan.
  • Cloning: Using this power, Yussebo can create multiple copies of himself. These copies are physical and can fight alongside Yussebo. The lesser the number the clones, the longer they can last, but greater amounts of clones causes the clones to break apart much easier.
  • Flight: With this, Yussebo manipulates his ki as to allow him to levitate off the ground and use it to fly. This allows him more movement and greater mobility, and he can combine it with his great speed and reflexes.
  • Healing: Yussebo possesses a great healing power, being able to quickly repair wounds that both he and others possess.
  • Hellzone Grenade: By firing blasts of ki and controlling them during flight, Yussebo makes the blasts often miss purposefully to thorw off the target. The ki blasts stay suspended in the air due to his control, and when he is done firing blasts, he will have all the ki balls violently explode.
  • Ki Blast: With this ability, Yussebo can fire his ki off in portions to attack. This is used to throw basic ki bursts at people to act as, more or less, a long range punch. However, should he charge his attacks, the basic burst can carry more destructive power.
  • Magic: As a Namekian wanting to assimilate the Warrior and Dragon clans of the Namekian species, Yussebo is a proficient magic user. One such spell he has creates slime on the target that binds and restrains the target. Another spell allows Yussebo to teleport himself and others across great distances. Yussebo can further produce equipment with his magic, such as clothing, weapons, and even Crystal Balls as to use another spell to let him spy on far-off areas and on his enemies.
  • Makosen: This is a simple beam techniques. The technique is charged in Yussebo's hand and then fired outward. As the technique is often charged in both hands, Yussebo can fire one beam after another, fire them in different directions, or fire them together as single, larger, more powerful beam.
  • Mystic Attack: As a Namekian, Yussebo can stretch his limbs great lengths. This allows Yussebo to strike at a distance and bind foes with his arms stretches with great strength.
  • Namekian Fusion: With this ability, Yussebo can merge with fellow Namekians as long as both parties consent, and the body will be chosen by the two parties. The chosen body is usually the stronger, more fit one, and with Yussebo's leadership and power, he is often the chosen part. He used this technique in his youth to absorb his two of his dying brothers, and also does it to save Namekians dying on the battlefield to carry on their spirit. Yussebo also furthered the ability to absorb the remains of a dead Namekian and gain the power they had in life, though this must be performed quickly. He employs this against criminals of Namek as to take their power and use it to crush further criminal activity. As the criminals are often absorbed postmortem, Yussebo does not gain their memories or consciousness, though he often uses his magic to wipe the brain anyway just in case.
  • Regeneration: Should Yussebo lose a limb or have one severely damaged, Yussebo can regrow it given an amount of time and energy. Yussebo has been shown to be able to regenerate his limbs very quickly.
  • Telekinesis: By manipulating objects with his mind, Yussebo can remotely control them and move them. This can be done to pin opponents down, slam large objects into them, or even control the path of his techniques and presumably others.

Forms and TransformationsEdit

Super NamekEdit

Using his magic, as well as his many assimilated Namekian brethren, Yussebo was able to unlock his potential and hidden abilities power up beyond the average Namekian. With his full base power unlocked, Yussebo stands as one of the most powerful Namekian in the Fifth Universe to date, rivaled or surpassed by few in the process. Further, from his power, Yussebo stands in his base form as more powerful than any untrained Super Saiyan, and with his own training applied, Yussebo can go hand to hand with the likes of a Super Saiyan who has mastered the form, as well as be able to combat a Super Saiyan 2, though he cannot overpower then in this state.

Great NamekEdit

With this ability, Yussebo is able to increase his size. The increase in size makes him heavier and more durable, however, the form does not impact his speed as he can still move just as quickly as before. His physical strength gets a massive buff in this form as well, and combined with his Super Namek base state, this give him insane amounts of strength. In this form, Yussebo can match Nagi blow for blow in his Legendary Super Saiyan form, however, as Nagi's power increases more and more Yussebo has to increase his size to match and tap into his fused Namekian powers. Yussebo can enlarge himself to stand at Nagi's full size, but he can go further and has been seen to stand at the height of a Great Ape at various points. From his own massive power, it is unknown to what limits Yussebo can grow himself, but it is something to prove his holding as the Namekian leader. Yussebo can also enlarge portions of himself, such as increase the size, and thus, strength, of his attacks moments before he strikes.

Armored NamekEdit


A younger Yussebo as an Armored Namek.

As Yussebo is as much a warrior as he is a leader, his desire to grow led him to continue his training. This eventually led to Yussebo discovering a new transformation for the Namekians, the Armored Namekian form. In this form, the Namekian ability to produce armor, in which a white armor covers his arms, upper torso, and upper back. Red jewel-like structures also grow on his solar plexus and forearms near his wrists. Yussebo claims this to be natural, as his race is similar to the Earthlings' slugs, and thus the armor connects them to their snails. In this form, without his other abilities, Yussebo would be able to fight a Super Saiyan 2, and combined with his Super Namek and Great Namek forms, it puts him well over a Super Saiyan 2's power, though he is still not as powerful as a Super Saiyan 3.


  • Yussebo's name is a reference to the Shussebora, a Japanese legend of a sea snail that became a dragon. This references the slug and snail naming theme of the Namekians as well as referencing dragons, which are tied to the Namekians through the Dragon clan. Further, the sea snail's shell is a conch, which is sometimes used as a trumpet, and as such also references instruments.
  • Yussebo shares his birthday with his author.
  • Yussebo's voices actors, Jensen Ackles for English and Hideo Ishikawa for Japanese, are the actors Yussebo's author would want to voice Yussebo if he were somehow ever animated.
  • As a Namekian, Yussebo's diet is mostly, if not exclusively, water.
  • Yussebo's base power level is 12,650,000. This is a result of his mass absorption of different Namekians.