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Zook Pro Cropped
Race Namekian
Birthplace Planet Namek
Birthday April 10
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 210 lbs
Voice Actor
Professional Status
Profession Guardsmen
Personal Status
Combat Rankings
Rank Elite Warrior
First Appearance
Basic Skills Laser Beam
Ultimate Skills White Flash
White Combination

Zooka (ズークア, Zūkua) is a rare albino Namekian with natural born warrior talent, and his people consider him a prodigy. He presumes the role of "Right Hand to the Guardian", while his brother Xylofo is the left.

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Unlike all other Namekians that are a brought into existence bearing an emerald skin tone, Zooka's skin is a white tone making him an "albino" Namkeian. His face is two toned, bearing his primary which skin and secondary gray skin. He tends to wear a warrior-like attire, a maroon gi belted by a gold weight belt.

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